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By way of introduction - My name is Simon and I am a professional male life model aged in my forties having offered my male life modelling services since my drama school days from the age of 19 until present day.

I am very professional, highly experienced, flexible, versatile, reliable and reputable with an unsurpassed, vast wealth of experience in all aspects of art nude life modelling posing nude for life drawing classes or photography shoots / classes.

I have been booked as a professional male life model over the past twenty years to pose / offer my life modelling services for nearly all the main educational establishments who offer regular, mainstream life drawing classes, all the art / fashion colleges, photography courses, short courses posing nude for life drawing, numerous private classes, major art galleries, independent galleries offering life drawing classes and many daytime and evening life drawing art classes held in all areas of SW London, South-West London, South London, North London, East London, West London, Central London, Surrey and other locations throughout the UK

I have also been booked to model for private life classes held at architects or in similar scenarios, major department stores such as Liberty's, the Science Museum in South Kensington, and life drawing classes held in conjunction and connection with London Fashion Week hosted at the Courtauld Gallery and Natural History Museum life modelling / posing solo for art nude life drawing or with female life models, female fashion models and female dancers.

I will not attempt to begin listing each and every establishment as a life modelling CV as there are quite simply far too many to mention...

I have also previously been booked to model for at least twenty-five different, mostly private and some state, all-girls' schools located in SW London, Greater London, Surrey, Home Counties and other locations throughout the UK for the sixth form life drawing classes, quite often being their very first male nude life model which is a testament of good faith and character placed in me as both a person and professional male life model. 

I would never make contact with the girls' schools directly of course and the art teachers at the girls' schools would tend to meet me at evening life drawing classes, weekend life drawing / art courses or Summer holiday life drawing short courses when they would ask me for my contact details or business card so they could contact me in person to ask if I would offer my male nude life modelling services at the respective schools. 

Some teachers have found me via my website too seeking a professional male nude life model and many of my bookings at the girls' schools have been via word-of-mouth too as the teachers have often passed my details to their fellow art teachers at schools or colleagues they may have met at other life drawing art classes.

In the height of my illustrious life modelling "career" I have even been known to model for three of four different groups / classes / establishments in a single day on each week-day, with the life drawing classes / sessions mainly located in London and Surrey due to my popularity and reliable reputation as a professional male life model.

If you are an art teacher or art tutor of a mainstream life drawing class held in an educational establishment, then I would ask that you please do not be put off by some of my more sensual images within my Erotic Gallery, hen party life drawing, modelling nude for hen parties, life drawing art classes for ladies and female artists as I always maintain a strict code of conduct thus keeping a strict divide between the two distinct styles of life modelling never transgressing any boundaries. 

I am a consummate professional when booked for mainstream life drawing classes / groups and my behaviour is always impeccable observing a professional etiquette at all times, especially with both the students / artists alike when modelling for a mainstream art nude life drawing class held in an educational establishment or similar.

I have made several television appearances over the years in my professional capacity as a male life model including Loose Women on ITV television, a major feature film, a life drawing class on the programme "Come Date With Me", several other television documentaries featuring a male life model or life drawing class, a couple of mainstream television commercials and a drawing class with well-known life drawing author / teacher Sarah Simblet which have all been very entertaining, rewarding and fun. I have even been drawn by some well-known celebrities in some of the programmes which was interesting.

1 must state for the record and feel the need to clarify that although I do offer my services as a professional male nude life model and despite all the many artistic nude images within my galleries - I am NOT an exhibitionist, naturist or nudist.

If fact, I am also available for clothed or semi-nude artistic photography shoots and it is not all about being nude or naked for me, although I am primarily and usually booked or contacted in my capacity as a male nude life model.

I do admit and acknowledge that most of my professional bookings have a nude aspect, however I have appeared in television commercials fully-clothed and have been occasionally booked as a clothed photographic model too for professional, commercial photo-shoots if my looks, features or age have been suited to that particular brand.

I am not a member of any art nude life modelling organisations, agencies or websites and I never post my life model details on any other websites.

You will never see me posting on art-related, art-nude life model / life modelling forums or social media as I source all my life model booking assignments either through word-of-mouth, my established reputation as a professional male life model and via my male life model website herewith.

I lead and maintain a very fit healthy lifestyle as a professional male life model with a positive zest for life.

I am considered to be approachable, charming, charismatic, confident, conscientious, highly intelligent, friendly and reliable with a professional attitude.

I am a very self-motivated individual and considered to have a pleasing, positive, personality with effervescent energy and an outgoing, assured air of confidence, yet there is also a "yin and yang" dichotomy with me, as I am also very down-to-earth, chilled out, introspective, contemplative in thought and relaxed in nature.

If you are seeking a fashion model with a perfect physique or facial features then I am certainly not your man, but if you are seeking a professional male life model with a reasonable physique, then the images representing me herewith and within my website are a case of "what you see is what you get."

The images within my life model galleries are all quite recent, however my hair is currently a more shorter, shaved style than the vast majority of the images within the galleries.
All images herewith are protected under legal copyright & any reproduction is not permitted under any circumstances.
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