Artistic Anecdotes


I have so many fun, fond memories with my varying vocational life modelling experience, especially with my hen party life drawing, life modelling for hen parties and ladies who lunch life drawing sessions, which shall remain private and in confidence with myself and those particular parties.

I also look back at my mainstream life modelling bookings with artistic affection and there are several stories that do stand out, but the two I most remember are the ones I shall recount herewith...

I was contacted by a division of the BBC television production team a few years ago and the lady who telephoned me asked me if I would be wiling to pose with a female model to illustrate the themes of lust, passion and romance between men and women co-workers within the office environment for a documentary. 

She stated that she had found a female model circa the same age as myself at the time and had sent her this website for her personal perusal. The female model responded to the researcher in kind (and very kindly!!) that she would be more than happy to pose semi-nude and fully nude with me for the purposes of the documentary. 

The researcher booked a hotel suite at a top London hotel in Kensington High Street and I arrived one week-day afternoon to meet the female model, researcher, production team and film crew all of whom were female to my surprise and lucky me! 

The female model and I went off to become better acquainted prior to posing together and happily we both immediately struck up a fantastic rapport as I always seem to do with any of the female model that I am booked to work with. We both went back up to the hotel room where the team had finished setting up and ready to pose for the sensual scenarios. 

We ended up posing in several sexy, stimulating scenes and simulating sex with making love in several positions all very artistically and tastefully filmed as the documentary featuring the sexual spliced scenes segmented throughout the programme was scheduled to appear on BBC television after all.

All five of the female film crew and assistants confessed that they were very excited to be filming the sexy scenes and it was most interesting afternoon to say the least!

We then went to another studio location to film some fully-clothed and semi-clothed scenes and then the production manager told myself and the female model that we ere both welcome to stay or make use of the hotel suite as it had all be paid for until the next morning which was a welcome, generous offer...

Not a bad day's work and way to make a living, especially as we both were paid £300 pounds each for the afternoon.


I was once booked to model for a class of 19 ladies / female students all aged circa 20 / 21 at Wimbledon School of Art a few years ago and I arrived at 10am that morning ready to pose solo and alone for the morning session. When I turned up I met the female art teacher taking the class that day and about five minutes later another lady arrived apologising that she was late for the class. 

As she was in her early thirties, I thought that she might have been a mature student joining the foundation life drawing class that day, however to my surprise and to the surprise of the female art tutor, she announced that she was there as a female life model. 

We all looked at each other in disbelief as we realised that both myself and the female life model had been double-booked for that particular life drawing class, when suddenly the art teacher suggested that we should perhaps pose together still both being paid for our time as it would a treat for both her and the class to draw a male and female life model posing nude together. 

I have often posed with female life models for both life drawing, art nude classes and photography shoots, but as this was so unexpected and female life model was also a part-time fashion model then it was an absolute bonus. I immediately developed a professional rapport with her and we both went behind a screen to undress. Once we were both nude we stepped into the centre of the room to pose together but standing apart. We then posed for more drawing in sitting or reclining poses for the students to draw and we could sense the excitement of the students and art teacher as our poses became more adventurous. 

We stopped for a break mid-morning and the art tutor /students all went out of the room to the canteen for refreshments leaving the female life model and myself to become better acquainted. The art teacher returned on her own and then asked us both if we would be wiling to pose in more erotic, sensual poses as the female students had been discussing the life drawing class with a male and female model in front of the art teacher at break, suggesting more sensual poses. 

We were all in agreement and the rest of the session incorporated more erotic, sensual poses with us both holding each other in erotic embraces with subtle sensuality and the art teacher and students were all very excited at the prospect of more erotic, sensual life drawing poses with a very well-endowed male nude life model and very attractive, slim female life model. 

All the drawings were amazing and the students and art teacher thanked us both profusely for such an entertaining, yet artistic, tasteful life drawing class which was alos very beneficial to their on-going art portfolios.

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